A Community-driven Wealth Building System

A Community-driven Wealth Building System

The Future <br>is Black

The Future
is Black

Committed to Building African Wealth

Committed to Building African Wealth

Building Wealth, Building Africa

Building Wealth, Building Africa

All Transactions are 100% Secured
Fast Execution Commission
Low Minimum Deposit of £5 Pre Phase

Elevate your trading with the premium insights and robust education.

LBWT has developed a financial investment model which is initiated by building teams in sequence from Left to Right and beginning with member 1 and compounding in doubles. Each member needs 15 members to complete their team and the process is a combined effort between the member and the community to build the team. 

The investment process has no time limit, so once a Team is built, the member that’s 3 Levels above will get paid. For example, if a team is built in 5 days, the member would be notified as well as those who need to pay. 

As new Members are invited into the community, those individuals may not go directly under them, and may join along the same Level. 

When Members receive returns within Stages 1 to 3, it is mandatory for these Members to Re-enter to support other members in the Matrix to ensure no Members are left behind. The re-entry fee will be paid automatically on behalf of that member.

Pre Phase Stage


The Opportunity Plan Phase

Who We Are

LBWT is a social impact peer to peer investing platform whose mission is to facilitate wealth building in black communities across the world by providing exclusive access to high quality financial products and services that produce measurable social impact.

The truth is, the black community has been under–resourced for many generations, and as wealth continues to flow out of the community, we continue to be ill–served by an investment industry that shows no interest in investing in the assets we possess which are truly able to provide yields and build wealth.

We use the power of peer to peer crowdfunding to raise capital to fund inclusive community development and to build accessible wealth. This works by combining the financial assets of community members through installments over time with one large payment at the end of the cycle. Our platform is created and invested in by people who live, work and have roots in the black community.

We Are Redefining Black Wealth

Wealth Building

Wealth Building

We are an accessible gateway through which members of the black community can invest and build generational wealth in projects that they trust and support.
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Community Building

Community Building

With the slogan, “No one Left Behind”, we are building a community that leverages technology and modern data to create a proven investment

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Financial Education

Financial Education

The diversity of our tribe provides a reference point for sharing business ideas and best financial practices, and leveraging the skills and wisdom

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So, How Do We Choose And Evaluate Our Projects?

Collaborate with team members to rally support as an international community, all our projects are carefully analyzed using six key criteria.

  • Relevance


    What is the pertinence of the project investment to the overall objectives of LBWT & WT-Ltd?

  • Coherence


    How do we rate the investment in accordance with the purpose of building our community?

  • Effectiveness


    How will the investment achieve its revenue objectives?

  • Efficiency


    Evaluation of how well the resources invested are being used.

  • Overarching Developmental Impact

    Overarching Developmental Impact

    What differences does the investment project in question make in our community?

  • Sustainability


    How long will the benefits of the investment last?

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The battle to overcome
The battle to overcome
April 19, 2023

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