Who We Are

Let’s Build Wealth Together & Wealth Together Ltd is much more than a Peer-to-peer investment compounding matrix and an investment company that is delivering reliable Peer-to-peer Matrix and investment services. It is a community with a clear mission to reduce poverty in the black community globally. We live in. We are committed to providing members with an opportunity that opens the path to the foundation of trans-generational wealth.   

LBWT & WT-Ltd mission is to empower members to achieve new financial heights and personal freedom by extending the same opportunity to those around them. We aim to provide the highest level of quality and services with respect to the Peer-to-peer matrix and Investment company that offer to strive to create an environment of ubuntu that lends itself to members success. 

Our belief is that a successful community is built around integrity, trust, transparency, a superior Matrix and investment services being driven by genuinely caring and motivated LBWT members. Together we can build a better future for our people.

The truth is, the black community has been under–resourced for many generations, and as wealth continues to flow out of the community, we continue to be ill–served by an investment industry that shows no interest in investing in the assets we possess which are truly able to provide yields and build wealth. 

We use the power of peer-to-peer crowdfunding to raise capital to fund inclusive community development and to build accessible wealth. This works by combining the financial assets of community members through instalments over time with one large payment at the end of the cycle. Our platform is created and invested in by people who live, work and have roots in the black community. 

Our Vision

At LBWT & WT-Ltd we are committed to ensure each member received return though our mandatory re-entry policy and one (1) share of WT-Ltd ensuring equality. An equal opportunity to succeed and to start the foundation of trans-generational wealth.  

Our belief is that a successful company is built around integrity, superior products and services, being driven by genuinely caring and motivated LBWT & WT-Ltd members. Together we can build and reduce poverty. 

We seek to create an educational platform through mentorships, educational business slots, empowerment, mindset training, and coaching. Wealth Together Ltd – (WT-Ltd) is created as an affiliate of LBWT to allow us to invest as a black community, that will help members generate passive income equally through return on investment. LBWT seeks to serve as a vehicle for visionary investors to invest in the community and watch their investments grow over time providing future generations with access to wealth, education, real estate, affordable health care and much more opportunities.

It’s our vision to contribute to the development of our people and Africa.  

We have to be the narrative of change!!!!