What do I need to take part in the investment curriculum?

For you to take part in the Wealth Together Ltd investment curriculum, you first have to be in the Let’s Build Wealth Together community.

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What are the benefits of being a member of LBWT & WT-Ltd ?

Being a member of LBWT and WT-Ltd gives you the opportunity to generate wealth through income and capital gains.

If I encounter any problems while using the platform, who should I contact for help?

If at any point, you encounter any problems, you can use the contact form that is provided on the website. Our team will respond to you shortly.

Do I have to pay a fee to be a part of the community?

Yes, there is a one time investment fee of £100 that also gives you one share of Wealth Together Ltd.

Why are online payment methods most preferred?

It allows us to track and verify members’ payments.

Is this Company Registered?
Wealth Together Ltd is a registered company.
How do I sign up?

You have to first complete the online form with your contact details and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Are any fees charged when I make a deposit?

There are no fees charged when you makes a deposit.

How do I check on my investment?

You will be able to check all investment activities via your personal dashboard on the website.

What happens if I don't remember my username and password?

You can contact the admin for your username. If you have forgotten your password, you can submit the email address you registered with on the platform and you will receive a request to enter a new password.

How safe is my information?

We ensure your information is protected under the GDPR law.

I’m having trouble logging in to my account, what should I do?
You can contact support via the contact form.
How many accounts can I open?

You can only open one (1) account, unless you have a business, then you are allowed to open another on behalf of the business.

At what point can I make a withdrawal?
You can withdraw from the time you receive funds in your account.
What’s the maximum amount I can withdraw?
There are no limits on your withdrawals.