How LBWT Works

LBWT uses a 3-Stage compounding system and Teams of 15 to generate wealth for its members. Each Member is allocated a place in the compounding matrix. There are 10 Levels in total.

Stage 1 is made up of Level 2 to 4, Stage 2 is made up of Level 5 to 7 and Stage 3 is made up of Level 8 to 10. All three Stages make up a complete Phase. There are 6 Phases in total.

As new Members are invited into the community, those individuals may not go directly under them, and may join along the same Level.

When Members receive returns within Stage 1 to 3, it is mandatory for these Members to Re-invest £5/£100 to Re-enter to support other members in the community to ensure no Members are left behind.

How LBWT Works

LBWT has developed a financial investment model which is initiated by building teams in sequence from Left to Right and beginning with member 1 and compounding in doubles as seen alongside. Teams are made up of 15 members.

The investment process has no time limit, so once a Team is built, the member that’s 3 Levels above will get paid. For example, if a team is built in 5 days, the member would be notified as well as those who need to pay.