Mining Projects

LBWT was designed to help build the black community through an investment system that generates trans-generational wealth through multiple ways including mineral exploration. LBWT is not just another Black business venture or another money-making endeavor. It is an investment vehicle designed to educate and empower the African community to participate in the mineral resource industry.

We believe in empowering strategic investors who will not only benefit from short term gains but also have a long–term positive impact on the entire African continent.

We have brought together a group of people who embody the same goals and aspirations; which is to see the broader African community lifted out of poverty, by improving their socio-economic standards. Through LBWT, we are able to pool our resources as well as contributing e to expanding mining activities in Africa, increasing wealth for all stakeholders involved.

LBWT decentralises the process of funding small exploratory mineral exploration projects by leveraging crowdsourcing to connect those with capital (the investors) with vetted exploration projects that can benefit from funding but might not qualify for bank financing due to imperfections in traditional banking requirements (the projects). Our vision is to one day, become the premier provider of capital and risk management solutions for African mineral exploration companies that target investments in areas with high potential for discovery of new sources of critical metals and minerals including, but not limited to, gold, copper, silver, platinum group elements, lithium, and rare earth elements.

For far too long, the resources of the black community have been underutilized and even environmentally exploited. As a result, it has been difficult for members of the black community to tap into their own natural resource reserves.

Mineral Exploration gives us the opportunity to create sustainable economies in emerging markets that will help undermine the effects of colonialism and neo-colonialism.