Organic Afrikan Paradigm


In it’s simplest definition, Organic Afrikan Paradigm is the Natural Identity Blueprint of all Afrikans globally; an intrinsic understanding of the Afrikan people nature. It is also a complex understanding both micro and macro of the Afrikan people’s nature and responsibilities in this universe, in creation and destruction, in harmony, balance and all things.

Those who were the first people dark of skin, a perfect expression and reflection of the universe, the first civilization builders, the children of Kongo, then, Kush and Kemet, children of the Happi valley culture, the first people to come from the Dark womb, from the supreme mothers and fathers, those who spread out across the earth with a common purpose and destiny. 

They who are the direct descendants of the universe. Formed in carbon; the black atom, the primordial element of salt and coated with dark salt melanin; their dark matter and imbued with the energy of creation and destruction.


My name is Mitree Manik, I am both teacher/student/translator of the Organic Afrikan Paradigm, which is the Natural Identity Blueprint of the Afrikan People globally. I am a student of all the greats and noble Afrikan scholarship who came before and laid the foundation for us to build the Afrikan future. 

It is through their great works I discovered the answers to the many questions I have always had. I am an Afrikan from West Afrika Liberia, born and rise and then immigrated to the United States. My experience in the United States forced me to come face to face with an old question that had always been inside the back of my mind. Who am I? Who are the Afrikan people? What is my purpose? What is the purpose of the Afrikan people? It is from these questions that the mission of the Organic Afrikan Paradigm was born. 

The mission to decolonize, repair the consciousness and empower the Afrikan people globally. The mission to rebuild the 360 dimensions of Afrikan Soul, Intelligence and Science based on the three keys of understanding ourselves as Afrikans and our Purpose and Destiny in the Universe.