Privacy Policy

LBWT have a mandatory policy for members to re-enter and members will be re-entered each time they have completed a stage, and due to that concept, we have capped the system for members to receive only five (5) time of return. The remaining entries will be donated to Wealth Together Ltd for investment on behalf of all members. 

50% of the return on an investment will be used to help single mothers/single fathers and university students to grow the ecosystem.  The remaining 50% will be re-invested and that process continues until we reach the goal of 1.5 million members where the shares of WT-Ltd will be stopped while we continue to build our community to the ultimate goal of five hundred million (500,000,000). 

Each member that joins the community before the 1.5 million will receive one (1) share of Wealth Together Ltd. 

When Wealth Together Ltd reach £500,000, we will look at investing in property development in Africa, and dividends on those investments will be shared equally to all members. 

With the slogan, “no members left behind” after we have stop at 1,539,985 Wealth Together ltd will pay the unpaid members of the 1.5 million members the same amount as those above. 

When we reached 1.5 million members the policy for 5-time payment will change to one (1) time in all the phases; However, the re-entry policy remains in place. 

The 1.5 million members that received the five (5) payments from the matrix will donate £250,000 to WT-Ltd when they receive their first million, and another £250,000 when received the second million, which will generate a total of £769,992,500,000 billion for investment.  

Members have to donate 10% of their investment in stages 2 & 3 from Phase one (1) to six (6) to brothers and sisters who cannot afford to join us.