Property Development

Build, buy, rent, and maintain. LBWT is a new way to build wealth through trans-generational ownership of property. The fund aims to achieve this mission by bringing together black people with black professional investors who have experience in the real estate industry. The platform operates via the popular crowdfunding model where each member contributes a certain amount of money based on their economic status or income level. Once the fundraising goal is reached, the project moves forward and investors earn a return on their investment. 

The LBWT team consists of a diverse set of real estate professionals and investors who are leveraging their own resources, networks, and relationships to change the landscape of urban communities by investing in real estate. Through LBWT, we aim to democratize access to opportunities for investment in real estate.

Housing accounts for 26% of black wealth today, compared to 79% of white wealth. Given that the real estate market is cyclical, by investing in this asset class, we are able to create a predictable stream of income through property management and development. LBWT’s investment model allows us to take advantage of the low supply and high demand of distressed properties and flip them into thriving neighbourhoods. In addition to redeveloping properties, we also work with entrepreneurs and small business owners to help them access capital. We look forward to partnering with the African community in transforming the landscape of our neighbourhoods in a way that will be beneficial for all generations to come.

Tapping into generational wealth is key to building assets and creating opportunities for the black community. However, one of the biggest challenges is how to ensure that the money being used for investment stays within the community for future generations. LBWT removes this obstacle by building an ecosystem that ensures the money stays within the black community by providing training, resources and professional support for investors so they can continue to grow their wealth in this economy.