Property Investment

African Americans were around $10 trillion poorer than whites a couple of years ago. In the United Kingdom, only 20% of Black African and 40% of Black Caribbean households own their own homes compared to 68% of White British. 

The Black community is under–represented as investors, and consequently under-represented in building long–term assets, such as property. LBWT has an efficient investment model built specifically for the Black Community, created and supported by experts in the real estate industry that allows our members to build and share wealth together through real estate investments.

When most people think of investing in property, they automatically discard it as not an option for them: it’s too risky, too expensive, and completely out of their comfort zone. In fact, for the Black Community, property investment is desperately needed… yet almost nobody talks about it.

LBWT offers our members a unique and financially rewarding experience. With a recurring revenue business model, our partners receive residual income from their property investments as well as an equity stake in our platform. We do this while decreasing the amount of vacant or abandoned buildings in all Black & low-income communities.

This means that we are able to offer employment and business opportunities to owners of buildings in our communities as well, because as they rehab their buildings with funding from our platform, we will become a source for contracts for renovations, consulting, and more!  With most properties embracing sustainability, this means job creation for people in surrounding black communities (tree service work, landscaping, construction, etc.).

 Our members are able to share their real estate portfolio with investors; allowing those who can’t afford it to get involved in trans-generational wealth building in black communities. Our members’ investors and partners earn profit from the rental income that comes from the properties and from appreciation gains on the properties.

LBWT is fighting back and putting financial power in the hands of the black man by targeting real estate in the African community, The United Kingdom, and parts of Europe. We are offering an affordable way for African families to get involved in long-term investments that will help them grow their net. worth.